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The Night Ninja

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A Trip to the Water Park [Jul. 23rd, 2004|05:49 pm]
The Night Ninja
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]
[Current Music |Story of the Year]

I got this from my friend deathmaster_666.......

Below is a questionnaire. If you choose to read it and answer the questions, write the letter of your answer in CAPITAL LETTERS and type it in your comment to this journal. And remember: you can only answer once for each question.

1. You’ve just arrived at the local water park to realize that you forgot your towel. What do you do?

a. You pay the hefty $20 price for a cheap, thin tourist towel.
b. You decide to go skinny-dipping and use your clothes to dry off.
c. You suffer and forget the stupid towel.
d. You mug a passerby and take THEIR towel.

2. The water is COLD. What now?!

a. You cry.
b. You jump back in the water with your clothes and towel on.
c. You jerk around in the water to get warmer and look like you’re having a seizure.
d. You bribe one of the staff janitors to borrow their “Smoking Break” Jacuzzi.

3. The guy in front of you lets his girlfriend break in line, right in front of YOU. What do you do?

a. You try to impress his girl (male) or you try to take him (female)
b. You confront him and embarrass him in front of his date.
c. You start “hinting” loudly that he is a jerk and should go to the back of the line.
d. You distract them and then quickly cut in front of them. You quickly put your reversible shorts to work and you’re incognito!

4. On the way down a water slide, there is a fork in your path. Which one will you

a. You veer to the right; when you get to the bottom you’ll be dumped safely into deep water.
b. You choose left; you’re thrashed around and scrape the bottom of the pool you shoot into after riding out of the tube.
c. You let fate decide and you slam into the dividing wall before falling into a tube.
d. You were too wimpy to try the water slide and are chilling on a beach chair in the shade.

5. You suddenly become very hungry from all your running around. You decide to check out the concession stand, but your favorite candy bar has just been sold out, and the kid in front of you got the last one.

a. You settle for something else. You’re not going to get that candy bar anyway.
b. You offer to pay the kid in full for that candy bar. Your craving is too strong to pass it up!
c. You buy a drink instead.
d. You punch the kid in their face and take the candy bar from them. They didn’t deserve it as much as you did anyway…

6. You finally got a snack and you’re making your way back to your seat when a fat, stupid boy pushes past you and your treat falls from your hand. You just unwrapped it, too.

a. You think, “Hey! Five-second rule!”
b. You shout at the kid, “Go on the Slim Fast diet fatty!”
c. You bawl like a baby.
d. You beat him up and take his lunch money.

7. Your worst nightmare occurs-a little kid “changes” the color of the water.

a. You swim as fast as you can before the “cloud” can touch you.
b. You were unfortunate enough to be coming up from being under water a bit too long. You gasp for air and realize that the taste you experience is definitely NOT chlorine.
c. You shout, “Stop drinking the pool water and go to the bathroom!”
d. You say, “I thought your mother ‘potty- trained’ you, kid.”

8. As you’re floating down the Lazy River, you feel a big, papery lump. It’s your WALLET! The paper has been rendered useless. Your month’s savings are now gone!

a. You could always brush up on your pick pocketing skills. You never know when you could use ‘em.
b. You suppose you could just mow another hundred lawns……
c. You only had a dollar anyway.
d. You wonder if you could just tell the cashiers at the restaurant you planned on going to tonight your story when they hand you the check. They might give you pity-mercy. Or they might just make you wash dishes to make up for the absence of recognizable cash.

9. A curious little kid wants to know what “private parts” look like. Unbeknownst to you, they sneak up and rip off part of your bathing suit!

a. You quickly use your towel to shield yourself.
b. Your lightning-fast reflexes clasp the kid’s throat and you take back your bathing suit.
c. You think, “At least this happened in the changing room and not outside…”
d. You think, “Hey! Now I have an excuse to go skinny-dipping!”

10. You’re beat! What a great day! As you’re starting your car, you reach over to crank up some tunes. However, you realize that the radio has been stolen!!!

b. You’re like, “So what? Now I have an excuse to buy an aftermarket radio with an MP3 player!”
c. You’re scared stiff, going to the closest car dealer that sells the car you’re driving, and pay big bucks to replace the radio. Your parents can’t find out because they told you not to leave the house while they were out of town.
d. You figure, “Oh well. My insurance covers this. At least they didn’t take the CAR.”

Hahaha! I know you enjoyed that… Don’t try to hide it! I’m awaiting your answers!
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Wow [Jul. 10th, 2004|03:52 pm]
The Night Ninja
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[Current Music |Queen, AC/DC]

Amazing. I have actually carried on a conversation with a user who I do not personally know. Kerry is the only user who I do not know who I have taken the time to speak with. Maybe next time it will be you.

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My First Entry [Jul. 9th, 2004|10:16 am]
The Night Ninja
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[Current Music |Story of the Year]

Hello, readers. this is my very first entry. Keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming entries...

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